Delicious poke bowls


This fresh, healthy and colorful raw fish dish finds its origins in Hawaiian traditional cuisine. It is served in a bowl and comes with rice and many different toppings. At elua, we are committed to consistently bringing you tasty Hawaiian poke made only by using the freshest and most premium ingredients. This is why we build your bowl to order right before your eyes. Whether you enjoy it on the spot or to take away, you’ll embark on a true culinary journey.

Our suggestions

Just trust us, we know better!

bowl Kailua

Kailua 23.-

albacore tuna

brown rice, edamame, mango, gari ginger, black radish, gomasio, teriyaki sauce

bowl Lanikai

Lanikai 23.-


white rice, avocado, fennel, pickled daikon, radishes, spring onions, sesame seeds, yuzu ponzu sauce

bowl Kapohaku

Kapohaku 24.-


white rice, kimchi, pickled red onions, fried onions, raw onions, spring onions, coriander, teriyaki & sriracha sauces

bowl Wailea

Wailea 24.-

gilthead sea bream

white rice, avocado, pickled carrots, citrus, masago, kumquat, spring onions, coriander, honey sesame citrus sauce

bowl Po'ipu

Po'ipu 20.-


zucchini noodles, edamame, sunomono cucumber, green apple, pickled red onions, furikake, salsa verde

Create your poke bowl !

  1. 1. Base it

    white rice brown rice zucchini noodles

    1. 2.1. Fish it

      salmon 23.- albacore tuna 23.- gilthead sea bream 24.- octopus 24.- tofu 20.-

    2. 2.2 Sauce it

      honey sesame citrus salsa verde sriracha teriyaki yuzu ponzu

    3. 2.3. Mix it

      spring onions gomasio sesame seeds

  2. 3. Top it extra topping 0.80.-

    4 toppings of your choice: avocado, edamame, pickled carrots, kimchi, sunomono cucumber, mango, citrus, fennel, green apple, gari ginger, masago, radishes, pickled daikon

  3. 4. Finish it

    coriander pickled red onions kumquat raw onions fried onions furikake black radish


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